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TR by JJwinters TR by JJwinters
I don’t like making artist’s statements because there is a lot of typing involved but I just got inspired to do one because it helps clarify your thought process and what inspired you to come up with the idea.
First thing first, congratulations to Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix for getting it right. I was a fan of the series when they first came out. What first got me hooked was the idea of going to exotic locations and exploring tombs. If you played the first 3 originals you probably know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, before this game came out, I had no idea which direction they were taking this in. All the trailers and posters seemed to depict Lara as some scared, helpless girl. After the game came out and I played it, I felt it was about a journey of not just surviving but becoming what you already were but didn’t know it (Roth knew all along). Lara’s inner strength is unmatched and her fortitude is greater than that of 50 men combined. I wanted to depict that same strength in my piece. Croft is daring, willing to risk her life to save her friends, very intuitive, and intelligent.
Bearing those qualities in mind is what drove me to settle for this pose. The secondary factors were her beauty and the fact that she's been listed on countless charts as one of the sexiest female characters in games. With that, I had to figure out what physical attributes I find attractive about women; and the first thing that attracts me about a woman is her hair followed by her eyes, then their hands and feet (I know, I'm weird). So I had to get those attributes right for my personal gratification. As for the rest of her figure, I had to keep it feminine and not trade into erotic territory because that’s one thing I hate my art getting associated with. And lastly, she’s the Tomb Raider, so there had to be something that connects her to her chosen profession of archeology and that is why I mixed a bunch of pencil sketches and merged them with my photographs of weird patterns I could find around the house to create that round platform at the bottom. Phew, I’m done! Hope you like it.

"That's right! Run you bastards! I'm coming for you all!" ~ Lara Croft
hurzdischnurz Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
i like ur style much, but u tend to make lara rather stumpy and tiny-breasted. whys that?
JJwinters Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
lol. I am laughing because you’re not the first to tell me that. A lot of people have pointed the fact that I don’t make my women look like the typical female in most artworks. I guess, I like to create the type of art I want to see. For instance, most of my female fantasy characters, I noticed, tend to have full body armor. After thinking about why I make that artistic choice, I came to realize that it’s because my brain fails to buy into the idea that a warrior in a skimpy little outfit can demolish fully armored baddies twice her size. So with Lara, I’m always trying to be practical. An athletic/or physically active woman doesn’t have the same build as a runway model. I personally think aside from intelligence and tough endurance, Lara is gorgeous and sexy but there is a fine line between sexy and erotic. I try to stay within sexy but it’s a delicate balance that I am still trying to achieve. But thanks so much for the critique. I always welcome critiques as that's the only way you can improve. I’ll work on the classic Lara in the coming few weeks and I’ll try to remember to keep her chest size inflated a little :)
hurzdischnurz Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
yes yes. i can understand u somehow. i do also like the small classic wolverine much more, than the tall hollywood beau-one played by jackman.

but with lara its... hm... well she was always the tall, full-breasted tough and fit girl. i think as she is displayed in the newest game is pretty realistic enough. tall, not too tall, not too much boobies, fit.
i also think by making her eyes smaller, they gave her a more tough look too.
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